Speedy Lathe Gage 08-000

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The Speedy Lathe Gage by Edge Technology is used to set lathe tools on the spindle axis for optimum cutting conditions. Poorly set cutting tools will leave a "NUB" at the center of the workpiece after performing a facing cut. Our Speedy Lathe Gage can be used to set tools on the spindle axis and eliminate this issue. The Speedy Lathe Gage features an adjustable level housing allowing  you to correctly set tools even if your lathe is not perfectly leveled.

  • Set turning and facing tools on spindle axis for optimum cutting conditions.
  • Precision glass vial level with 30'/2mm sensitivity.
  • Adjustable level mount.
  • Made from high strength aluminum.
  • Durable anodized finish.
  • Patent Pending
  • **This unit is not a hands free design**

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  • 5
    A very handy little gadget

    Posted by DanC on 20th Oct 2020

    This is a quick and easy way to get your tools exactly on height. I spent an hour checking all of lathe tools with this, and I had a few that were off a bit. Quick and simple to use, and the adjustment for lathes that aren't quite level front to back is a nice touch. Bottom line: if I lost mine, I'd by another one. :)

  • 5
    Works Great

    Posted by Chuck on 4th Jul 2020

    Works great, just like Abom79 showed on his Youtube channel

  • 5
    Great Toll for the new machinist

    Posted by James A. on 14th Nov 2019

    This is a great little tool for the novice and experienced machinist alike. This tool will allow the user to set the height of the gutting tool at the proper height the first time. Work well, looks great and highly recommend.

  • 5
    Very fast shipping

    Posted by Patrick Orr on 2nd Apr 2019

    This device is easy to use, simply calibrate the level, the rest is between a round stock and the tip of the bit.

  • 5
    Very handy.

    Posted by James shults on 26th Feb 2019

    This tool is great. Very handy. My first use I centered a turn tool on 316 stainless. Chips cut perfectly. Must faster than making a nib and adjusting that way.

  • 5
    One of the handy tools in my shop.

    Posted by Taylor Capers on 14th Jan 2019

    Works great and is fast.

  • 5
    Instant align of lathe cutting tool. Unfortunately I dropped ...

    Posted by Gordon Morrison on 28th Jun 2018

    Instant align of lathe cutting tool. Unfortunately I dropped it on the floor and broke the glass tube. The company sent me a new one free of charge.

  • 5
    will save you some time during set up.

    Posted by jeremyva on 16th Jun 2018

    Handy little tool. The program at my school is over scheduled and extremely rushed. This helps me cut a few minutes off my set up time. I'm still getting a very small teets on a face cut but they are very minor, and if I weren't rushed so much I'm sure I could dial it in exactly with this tool. It's easy to calibrate to your lathe. Also mine has survived two slips into the chip pan. It was a bit smaller than I was expecting. Overall I'm happy with my purchase, not only does it help shave off some set up time, it also keeps me from having to crouch down or lean intobthe machine to set my tool height. It's definitely a good tool for a student and I would think the same for a seasoned professional. At around 20 dollars, its an inexpensive item for my tool box. Will be purchasing more tools from this company when I can afford to.

  • 5
    I use this on almost a daily basis and once ...

    Posted by Amazon Customer on 30th May 2018

    I use this on almost a daily basis and once calibrated, it perfectly centers my tools every time in the Y.