Pro Vise Stop Double Side 18-000

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The Pro Stop by Edge Technology allows two workpieces to be located for increased productivity. Its super low profile design stays completely below the top surface of the vise which means it will not interfere with cutting tool paths. It will also keep the stop rod square to the workpiece throughout the entire range of motion. This configuration provides a more consistent locating surface for increased part accuracy.

  • Allows two workpieces to be located for increased productivity.
  • Low profile design stays below the top surface of vise jaws for cutter clearance.
  • Versatile design allows the 1/4" hardened stop rod to be quickly and accurately positioned.
  • Stop rod stays parallel to the milling machine table so workpiece will contact rod face squarely for increased accuracy.
  • Lever arm can be rotated out of the way for cutter clearance and accurately relocated for repeat setup. (loosening and retightening of screw is required).
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Locate long stock with the included stop rod collar.
  • Versions available for 4", 5", and 6" standard style vises.
  • Large 1/2"-13 bolt used to rigidly attach lever arm.
  • Non-marring 1/4"-20 nylon tip set screw used to secure stop rod mount without damage to lever arm.
  • Non-marring 1/4"-20 flat point set screw used to secure stop rod without damage.
  • Body made from red anodized 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Does not fit with Part #49-000 Parallel Separator
  • Protected by one or more US patents.